Post Treatment: 

Directly after your treatment, you may feel like you have a severe sunburn.  Your skin will likely feel warm and tight, these are normal side effects of the procedure that will fade within 24 hours.  The deepest needles might also cause some minor bleeding, swelling, or bruising.  All inflammation will fade within a few days, at which point you’ll likely notice your skin starting to flake and peel.  Peeling can last up to 5 days, moisturize and drink plenty of water to support the skin.  Avoid scrubs or masks until you’ve finished shedding.

  • For the first 24 hours, leave skin inflamed and untreated as much as possible.  The inflammation will alert your immune system that your skin needs a surge of collagen for healing. 
  • Avoid sweating, exposing the skin to the sun, or heat of any kind within the first 24 hours. 
  • After 24 hours, you may rinse the face with tepid water and apply a gentle moisturizer as often as needed.
  • Protect the skin from bacteria by using clean towels & linens throughout the healing process.
  • Avoid SPF, makeup, or oil cleansing within the first 48 hours to allow the skin to breathe. 
  • Oil cleansing works well to gently massage dead skin off, once the skin starts shedding. 
  • Diligently wear SPF after 48 hours, if you must be exposed to the sun.
  • You may resume your regular skincare routine once the skin stops peeling.  Reintroduce active products (retinol, BHA & AHA) 5 days after inflammation and peeling cease.