Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Which skin care treatment should I choose?

  • I always recommend starting with a facial to assess the skin’s condition and map out a treatment plan to address specific concerns. If your skin needs extractions, please choose the 75 or 90 minute facial. Once we have determined that your skin can tolerate a more in-depth treatment, we can consider microneedling or chemical peels to correct imperfections.
  • Microneedling is my favorite treatment for increasing the metabolism of the skin, promoting collagen, and improving texture (loss of elasticity, pore size, scarring, fine lines, etc.). Allow 24-48 hours of inflammation post procedure, followed by 3-5 days of potential peeling. Microneedling is not an option for clients with active acne breakouts or cold sores. Please delay scheduling until 2 weeks after botox and 4 weeks after filler injections.  Review the pre and post treatment instructions defined in the microneedling description.
  • Chemical peels are great for clients suffering from acne or hyperpigmentation, please allow 5-7 days of healing post procedure.
  • Dermaplaning is primarily a method for vellus hair removal, I don’t recommend this service as a form of exfoliation though it does remove dead skin cells from the surface. If you choose to pair dermaplaning with a facial, I dilute your enzyme mask to compensate for skin sensitivity created by the tool. Dermaplaning cannot be paired with microneedling or chemical peels. If you have coarse facial hair, I prefer to wax rather than dermaplane as the tool will produce a blunt edge and make the hair more noticeable as it grows in length.